Creon’s Leadership Essay

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In the story “Antigone”, Sophocles shows that Creon’s attitude is very angry, making everyone sees him as a tyrant more than as a king. His regard for the laws of the town causes him to abandon most viewpoints, like the laws of the gods, or the rights of the people. He believes that his subjects should obey the laws he has set in place, even if moral or religious beliefs contradict his laws and beliefs. Creon’s idea of a good leader is one who maintains order through violence and fear. More over his arrogant, power-seeking personality prevented him from seeking out advice or listening to his own people.
Creon does not want to be a bad king, using his power for evil things, but instead, he wants to be seen as strong and great king, but his temper and arrogance stops him from becoming a good king, and he stays more like a tyrant, the people only keeping their mouths shut because they are afraid to speak. For example, in lines (8-64) he gives a speech to the people of the town. He states that “As for the man who sets private friendship above the public welfare, I have no use of him either”(lines 23-24).He is being cruel, so the people of Thebes do not take him for an easy king but rather fear him if they do not obey his laws. This puts them in a tough situation, whether they should listen to their friends and the gods, or to Creon’s tyrical rule. Creon states, “As I see it, whoever assumes the task, the awesome task of setting the city’s course, and refuses to adopt the soundest policies but fearing someone, keeps his lips locked tight, and he’s utterly worthless” (lines 198-202). This shows Creon thinks that a good leader should be powerful and set firm, strict laws in order to be respected. He believes that if someone di...

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...ten to him through fear and aggression, and sets strict laws to prove his strength, but only makes his people hate him for putting his laws against the laws of the gods.
Overall, Creon’s leadership is very strict and centered on the state and his laws. But it’s not just this that makes him a bad leader; it’s his temper and his aggressive attitude that make him terrible as a leader and a person. Whenever he is angry he acts very harsh to the people around him, even if it is not their fault, and he makes rash decisions that only benefit him, going against his own moral code. Creon’s leadership was too cruel, and too strict to work, and he forced the people to stay silent and listen and not have their say. Generally, Creon’s leader ship would have never worked because of one, his temper, two, his strict and tyrannical rule, and third, his aggressive and harsh attitude.
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