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STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST- 10 THINGS NOBODY TOLD YOU ABOUT BEING CREATIVE “Creativity is Everywhere & is for Everyone” [1] – Austin Kleon A New York Times Bestseller, Steal Like an Artist – 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon is an inspiring guide to creativity. The book is an intelligent & articulate manifesto of 10 transformative principles about secrets of creativity & origin of good ideas that help readers rediscover their artistic side & build a more creative life. Since times immemorial, one is preached right from the cradle that copying is wrong. One is told to be oneself & make one’s art a unique expression of one’s individuality. Self-Expression is considered raison d’etre for an artist & stealing from people’s…show more content…
Art & Technology have become more intertwined than ever before. Technology has brought about new mediums of creation, channels for circulation, business models & experiences in art. However, Kleon opines that though the internet and social media are terrific connectivity and collaboration tools, it is important to also step away from the screen and immerse in actual physical work. Computers are really good for editing ideas & getting ideas for publication out into the world, but it is not really good for generating ideas. They bring out the upright perfectionist in an artist & an edit mode is enabled even before the idea has been fully generated. Engaging physical activity of full body & brain kick-starts the thinking & engaging of senses. [8] Procrastination!! We all suffer from this inherent bias, which skews our priorities so that the value of the short term outweighs the long term. The origin of the word ‘procrastination’, from the Latin pro- for ‘forward’, and crastinus, ‘of tomorrow’, captures that bias. Plethora of suggested solutions fail to deal with the modus operandi of procrastinators & attempts to mend their character traits. But what if it is actually wise & productive to procrastinate…show more content…
Being boring at times, so as to be daring & original in work is the need of the hour. For example, with a regular day job which sets a fixed schedule and exposes one to new people and skills. “Creativity is Subtraction” [15] – Austin Kleon Kleon conveys through the quote that getting really good at creative work requires a lot of time and attention, and that means cutting a lot of fluff out of one’s life so that one has that extra time and attention. And creativity in one’s work is often a matter of what one chooses to leave out, rather than leave in — unspoken vs. spoken, revealed vs. concealed etc." Creativity of subtraction is quite evident in carving out of sculptures, filtering out of only a few consonant tones of music from all possible noises at any given instant, selection of images in a film that contribute to story, best writing with powerful images, emotions, and ideas with a few, well-chosen words. “We need to first be Limited in order to be limitless” [16] – Phil Hansen As quoted by Phil Hansen, creativity is embracing the limitations. An artist’s struggle against limitations is evident in any piece of

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