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Creativity is a hard phenomenon to be measured, for it is a complex concept that encompasses a lot of domains; it is not specific to a certain field, rather it is manifested in different ways. Throughout the years, researches have tried to come up with a variety of methods to assess the occurrence and the development of the creative abilities individuals possess, each depending on a different perspective. As mentioned in the previous sections, creativity was considered an exceptional gift only certain people are endowed with, the reason why, at that time, there was no need for assessment, for it was recognized through the exceptional achievement of those “exceptional individuals”; their outcome is sufficient to tell how creative they are. Barboot, Besancon, and Lubart (2011, p. 58) state in Assessing Creativity in the Classroom that “ since Guilford’s presidential address to the American psychological association, and other pioneering work of the time, creativity has been viewed as a psychological dimension that is widely distributed in the general population which can be developed and measured.” It is then when creativity was seen as a potential that every individual has. From then till now the focus is on everyday creativity. Since the 60s different measurements and assessment techniques have been developed in order to identify the psychological factors predicting the creative potential people have. Consequently, there is no single trait that is the ultimate key for creativity. It is the combination of various abilities or traits that render people creative depending on a particular domain. Barboot, Besancon, and Lubart (2011, p. 59) claims, in Assessing Creativity in the Classroom, that “creativity involves a combination of ... ... middle of paper ... ...n every decision they take whether engaging in a job or a particular hobby, how they act in the relationships they are involved in and so on. “The CDQ has its roots in early work by Kaufman and Baer (2004), which explored the structure and correlates of self-rated creativity. They developed a brief 11-item scale, known as the creativity scale for different domains. Students were asked to rate their creativity in different area-for example: how creative are you in bodily/physical movement. E.g dance, sports, etc using a five-point scale 1= not at all, 5= extremely. Ten items referred to different domains of creativity; the final item asked people to give a global rating of their creativity. The CSDD has been used in several studies of creativity as a complement to measures of creative abilities and achievements.” (Silvia, Wigert, Reiter-Palman & Kaufman (2012, p. 10))

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