Creativity And Critical Literacy In Literature

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CREATIVITY AND CRITICAL LITERACY By Mrs. Rani Venu Senior English Teacher, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Nungambakkam, Chennai, India [PSBBSSS-NGM] November 21st, 2017 ABSTRACT Creativity plays a major role in the fostering of critical literacy among students the world over. “Critical literacy” is defined as the ability to actively read text in a manner that promotes a deeper understanding of socially constructed concepts such as power, inequality and injustice in human relationships. Poetry is a powerful genre in the field of literature that has always lent itself to the exploration of various situatons, for centuries. Themes like war and peace have been of prime importance, even before the advent of machines. The…show more content…
Teachers can use various techniques to encourage the development of critical literacy. Students can be guided to read literature analytically. After they read the text, they can extrapolate, express their own ideas and opinions, even challenging the text. They can air their views, write essays or poems of their own, expressing their own ideas. Poetry is a powerful genre in the field of literature, that has always lent itself to the exploring of various topics, for centuries. Themes like ‘war’ and ‘peace’ have always been of prime importance, even before the concept of ‘social justice’ or ‘human rights’. The CBSE Literature textbooks of the students of junior college [classes XI and XII] deal with these topics in right earnest. 1) A Doctor’s Journal Entry by Vikram Seth, taught in Std.XI, and Survivors by Siegfried Sassoon [Std.XII] are two classic examples of war-related poetry. Creative activities like the ‘shadow play module’ done by students and ‘roleplay’ – apart from discussions – lead to a critical analysis of war and its condemnation as students internalise the consequences of war – the horrors caused by nuclear bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945) and war in
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