Creativity And Art Of Florence And Florence's Influence

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Florence was the city of creativity and art with the greatest artists such as Michael Angelo, Leonardo DaVinci, Brunelleschi, Galileo and many others. The explosion of ideas with these artists was one of the reasons to Renaissance. Florence was a major trading center and it was a city like no other in Europe in 1400s. It was a republic with powerful families that fight together for political control. In Florence was the Medici family who was ambitious, trying to make a name. It was a small scale operation bank running from the backroom of the wool shop. The growing business was managed by Giovanni, Cosimo’s father. He chose his clients very carefully. The family supported a pirate who wanted to enter the Vatican and become a Pope. Then from priest to cardinal to Pope, he remembered the Medici family and trusted their bank. Then the Medici family joined a powerful group of Florentines. They wanted to build the largest dome in the world and failed, and without a dome, there was no secret building. All the contemporary ideas were exhausted and new fresh ideas were needed from a new g...

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