Creative Writing: The Story Of The Avatar's Story

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“...What?” Asami asked, believing that she must have misheard Korra. Asami blinked and kept her hands on the Avatar 's shoulders.

“My nightmare Asami, it was about you or, more specifically, losing you.” Korra muttered softly, while staring down at the wooden floor boards. Her voice noticeably cracked at the word “you”.

Asami, once again, took Korra 's cheeks in her hands and gently lifted her head up so that her tear-filled gaze meet Asami 's eyes. Asami softly wiped away the tears threatening to fall from Korra 's eyes as she said, “Korra, tell me what your dream was about, please.”

Korra grasped onto Asami 's wrists and shakily said “Alright, I 'll try and recall what I can.” Asami offered a small, sympathetic smile in response.
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She told her friend about how she was forced to watch, unable to do anything, as Zaheer and his Red Lotus brothers enchained Asami in the very same cave that the Avatar herself had been in not three weeks prior. She recalled that Asami had been forcefully stripped in a fashion similar to Korra, and how she had gazed at Korra, visually begging the young Avatar to save her – but Korra could not. Korra could do nothing but stare in absolute horror and fear as her best friend was slowly, sadistically injected with the Red Louts '…show more content…
I couldn 't handle losing you. ...I have no idea what I would 've done if Zaheer and his poison had managed to kill you and I don 't even want to imagine the possibilities.”

In response to this confession, Korra found it in herself to move forward and weakly wrap her arms around Asami 's neck. Asami enveloped Korra in a deep embrace and stated, “Korra, if you ever feel like giving up and... ending it, please think of how it would impact those who love you. It would shatter us all, your mom and dad especially. Also, I would never-”

Just before Asami could finish her sentence, a familiar voice rumbled from the doorway. “Korra!” It was Tonraq who, after exclaiming his daughter 's name, had rushed into the room to kneel down next to her. Asami promptly, but softly, let Korra go as her father chose to check and assess his daughter for any injuries.

“Dad, I 'm fine.” Korra said, with a slight hint of annoyance in her tone. Asami stood up and turned to face the doorway, letting Tonraq and Korra have as much privacy as she could offer. The CEO noticed that Senna, Tenzin, and Pema were standing in the doorway and, at that moment, she decided to go and get some

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