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Southern Valley Girl
The fifteen year old me choose my fate. I made one of the biggest decisions of my life in 2013. I decided to move 1,997.3 miles across the country to live with a man I barely knew. It sounds scary and dangerous but I was ready for it, I was ready to make my own decisions and choose what I wanted to do. One night I sat in my bed and I just analyzed my life and where I was going. I dropped all my friends, started hanging around the wrong people doing the wrong things and became distant as a person. I just wasn 't happy, I fell into a depression and life wasn 't the same anymore and I was just a freshman in high school. That is not how I wanted to live. The next morning I told my mom I wanted to move with my father in Louisiana.
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I was always a spoiled daddy’s girl but as I got older I distanced myself from him. I feel like it was because he continued to have kids and it messed with my emotions. He’s not a bad person, he is actually an amazing father and he is there for all of us but being as young as I was when he left and then I hear about new brothers and a new sister it made me feel even less important as a child. My father was excited for me to be living with him, being his oldest he wanted to be there for me and these were the years that really mattered. My relationship with my mother was rocky, we were like the same person so all we did was bump heads and get into arguments but after my move our relationship and communication got better she was my mother and my best friend. My dad had five kids all together I was only close with my full brother that stays with my mom, my half siblings I never got the chance to know. This gave me the opportunity to talk to them, call them on their birthdays and be a part of their lives. While I was doing this I became distant with my little brother Khamari, which stayed with my mom, as of today he still has a grudge towards me he thinks I left him behind. But what if I did not leave? Would I still have affected him? Would I be as close with my other siblings like I am
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