Creative Writing: Serenity

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I kept running, until my feet were aching with agonising pain. Slowly I walked up a tall hill, dragging my feet with me, and collapsed onto the ground using my bag as a pillow. Then I looked up at the clouds, while thinking about all the anger my best friends caused me. How could Carter act like my hero, when he did something so cruel? How could Damion like it when I'm unhappy? All they do is think of themselves. I'm sick of it! I hate them! My train of thought made my anger rise, that was until my cell phone rang. Augh! Damion or Carter is probably calling to apologize to me. Welll, I'm not answering! They can feel guilty for all I care. They hurt me and for that they'll pay! I didn't answer my phone, but that just made it ring more. So, after awhile of it continuously ringing, I pulled my purple cell phone from my jeaned pocket. Checking the screen, I noticed that the person that kept calling was none other than, my mom. Pressing the talk button, I answered the phone. “Hey Mom!” “Serenity, oh my gosh! I was so worried. Baby, are you alright?” “Yeah mom, I'm fine. ...

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