Creative Writing: Rodeo at Plum Grove

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I was sitting with my friend, Pistol on one of the bucking shoots watching the barrel race. Two more events before bull riding. I thought. I was itching to get a shot at "Dooms Day" he was the rankest bull in the pen. Pistol had rode him a few weeks ago for 89 points. At most rodeos the barrel race was right before bull riding.Here it's in between calf roping and saddle bronc riding. The announcer called barrel racer after barrel racer......Pistol elbowed me in the side and looked over at a barrel racer waiting outside the arena. She was gorgeous, she was tall around 5"10. Her light brown hair came half way down her back in lively waves. She had blue eyes that were absolutely stunning, her face was flawlessly tanned. Her horse was a huge palomino mare, built like a tank and she was probably around 16 hands. I couldn't take my eyes off the girl. The announcer called her name, Aurora Lamar.........Aurora such an unusual name, but it suits her. She entered the alleyway, holding her horse back. Anyone could tell she had a special way with horses. They had a little trouble on the second barrel, but other that the run was clean. She pushed her horse on home and the big palomino stretched out in tremendous strides........she broke the arena record! Pistol and I still sat on the bucking shoots as the awards ceremony for the barrel race started. Aurora had just made it in time. The announcer motioned for her to come in the arena. She looked around at the crowd patiently waiting for her to make her move. She walked fast pace to the announcer with a huge smile on her face. Pistol looked over at me with a crooked grin spread over his face. "Now that is one fine looking girl." I nodded my head in agreement and drew my attention to the... ... middle of paper ... ...ould hear the creeks soothing sound, the doves calling as dusk approached. The beautiful sound of wild turkeys gobbling in the spring. All the faces of my loved ones came flooding back to me. I couldn't wait to get home! I drove through the red lights of the only "big" town around, Kingston. Kingston is known for their pool halls, food, and music. There was only 3 red lights in the whole town. I drove past the feed store and merged into the lane to turn to go towards, Plum Grove. It sounds like a fancy estate, but actually it is my hometown. Plum Grove is very small if you blinked you would miss the whole town. There was no red lights and there was only a handful of businesses.It used to be bigger ,but a series of floods hit. It caused stores, hotels, banks, and even doctors offices to close down. Just a few more miles and I'll be in Plum Grove.....
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