Creative Writing: Insecurity

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Insecurity: 101 “New school, New me,” I whispered to myself. I was beyond anxious and my whole body was trembling. I had recently moved out of the rough parts of Brentwood, TN. It had been tough leaving my friends, who I knew since elementary school, behind. I felt isolated;I felt like mime and the world had me in a cage, and everyone I knew was free to roam around and enjoy the pleasures of the world. I shook my head and tried erase that thought. “It was only a daydream,” I whispered to myself. As the thought left my body, a new challenge approached me: the classroom. It was daunting, my brain instantly filled up with wretched, horrible theories. I knew I was an outsider, and I KNEW no one in this school of horrors.
Then as a shooting
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“I couldn’t make a bad impression if don’t talk to anyone,” I thought and so found a seat and quietly sat there till class started.
With these already heart shattering experiences lodged in the back of my head, class abruptly started.
“Hello class, my name is Mr.C and I will be your teacher!” said the tall, scary looking teacher who had just startled me.“Since today is the first day of school, and many of you are new we are going to do a name activity.”
“I hate these,” I whispered under my breath, to scared to tell anyone. The game was boring and that is it. As the day progressed, I became accustomed to these painfully boring activities which happened in every single class, and worst of all I still couldn’t remember anyone's name. Fortunately enough, before I would cracked after having to do name games the school day was over. I was over the top excited that the weekend had arrived, but then it hit me: If I don’t make an attempt to talk to people this day will repeat like a broken tape
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“Another boring day with no friends,” I concluded. I still hadn’t talked to anyone and minute by minute these chances were disappearing. The day progressively got worse from homework in math to an essay in English, but the worst part of the my day was lunch.
“ I have no one to sit with!”I inferred. “ Am I going to sit alone or with a random group?” So then I decided to the impossible and sit with a random group of strangers. It was awkward at first, but as it progressed I became more and more equipped with the people that surrounded me. However, I still felt like an outsider, and I still didn’t truly know anyone.
Later, after lunch, I thought the day would get better, but with my luck it got worse. It was the last period and we were assigned a project that was due at the end of class. We also were paired into groups and lucky for me, I didn’t know anyone. During the course of the class my group attempted to stay focus, but thanks to the luck of the draw we messed around and nearly finished the project. “Shot,” I whispered, with all are brain power we managed to finish, but unfortunately my email couldn’t send the email to the teacher. We all started to panick, and worst of all the blame was being put on me. My self esteem was shattered, I truly felt like an outsider and worst of all
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