Creative Writing: Edgar Allan Poe

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As an American writer in the nineteenth century, Edgar Allan Poe is known for his mysterious, dark, gothic writing. He used his creative talents set fire a beginning to a new and different literary genre. Because of Poe’s accomplishment of writing such influential tragically amusing literature, he raised the bar even higher for those literary writers aiming for the terror themed writing. Looking at no more than his short stories, Poe skillfully arranged his writing to have his readers switch to a deranged point of view, “No one did more to persuade the world ”(Merriam Webster 's). Poe had the gift to make a psychotic piece of writing seem interestingly amusing, in a way to make you feel bad about finding his writing pleasing. Edgar Allan Poe…show more content…
At the age of two, tragedy struck him in 1811, when his mother died in 1811. This traumatized Poe, “he always remember, more or less unconsciously, his mother vomiting blood and being carried away from him forever by sinister men dressed in black”(Asselineau, Roger). Poe and his other siblings were separated when this tragedy happened. Poe was taken into the home of John Allan. Allan was a Richmond merchant. Poe attended the University of Virginia for a very short time period. He then went to Boston and published a pamphlet containing youthful Byronic poems in 1827.
Poe found himself in a mans home who did not want him there, and refused to financially help him with what he needed. Poe went to the University of Virginia for about a year and later on had to drop out because he could not afford it any longer, and fell in debt. Later on, Allan kicked him out of his house because of his debt gained in college. Poe was in Richmond as editor if the Southern Literary Messenger in 1835. That was the beginning of many periodicals he was to edit and write for. He ended up marrying his cousin Virginia Clemm there, who was only thirteen years old at the time. Which is found very unpleasing to know. Poe began to write stories in 1835. Poe was known very well for his writing, and believed to be “conspicuous for his close observation of minute details, as in the long narratives and in many of
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The story is about a murder that occurs in a room that is locked where there seems to be no escape. The author sets the scene as to where it happened, so the murderer has to be in there. In this story, there is no way that the murderer could have escaped because the room was locked from the inside. To get a better look at the murder scene, they had to find a way in which was not easy. They succeeded in opening the entrance with a crowbar. As the story goes on, the evidence leads them to an innocent person. Many things that you may have never guessed happened. Anyways, as many stories go, innocent people are falsely accused of the murder. Telling this story in this paper would take time, and would probably have an outcome of a not so good grade because of the big summary included. So if you would like to know the details of this exquisitely put together story by Edgar Allan Poe, you will have to read it yourself. As I was saying it turns out that it was not a human that murdered those people, it was an Orangutan. That orangutan slit someone’s throat, yanked one of the girl’s hairs out and strangled another person to death. Then, it saw that someone witnessed it doing these things, panicked, and hide one of the corpses up the chimney and threw the other one out of the window. The orangutan escaped out of the room by
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