Creative Writing: Challenges In The Ember Serpents

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“Ajit, my son, it is time. Your task awaits you. If you do not complete this task, then you cannot come back. If you come back early, you will be kicked out of the tribe. If you wish to stay in the tribe, you have to survive out in the Teeky Forest. The nights are long and the days are even longer. There will be serious dangers at every turn. The Sabers will find you and try to kill you if you don’t keep moving. They are vicious and ferocious. The Sabers are the size of tigers but have saber tooth teeth and are stripped but have the mane of a lion. The Ember Serpents are as big as pythons but can swell their necks up like a King Cobra. This task will test all of your skills that you have learned. You will face many challenges that you will have to overcome, but just know if you survive, you will be permanently in the tribe and you will have your own teepee to head. I shall warn you of one thing; stay away from the Sabers. They are vicious and kill anything that gets in their way. Unless you have something to protect yourself, they will eat you alive. I recommend staying in the trees, it is a lot less dangerous than on the ground. Now I know your sister was killed during her quest, but that doesn’t mean that you will surfice the same fate.” said…show more content…
Now it would have been easy to find a tree that could get him high enough if it wasn’t pitch black outside. Ajit’s dad had taught him that to measure how tall a tree is you can use the trunk of the tree. If the trunk of the tree is wider than half the spear handle, than the tree is over 100 spear handles tall. Ajit went tree to tree trying to find the perfect one when he heard something moving in the bushes close to him. Nothing is visible, Ajit could only see the outline of figures, because of the pitch blackness of the night, with very little

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