Creative Writing: Broken Bones And Nostalgia

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Broken Bones and Nostalgia Nostalgia. That’s what I’d felt, it was like an overwhelming wave of worry and happiness holding me back and not letting go, and it was. I’d also felt pain, but that was probably from the broken arm. It had been five years since I’d seen V and here we were again, both in the hospital, of our own accord. Again. My heart pumped, and I couldn’t sit still. We’d fought, literally all the time, on purpose. It’s not like we hated each other or anything. It was just our way of having fun. This is a weird way of fun. Said everyone but us. After the large,dark, mahogany door was slowly pushed open. I saw a person. Who looked nothing like how V used to look. It couldn’t be. How did I manage to go five whole years without seeing him. I dropped everything and ran up to V. “Mīru…show more content…
Roughly.” I stated.. V’s eyes widened. “You seriously remember that Ms.Iveforgottenmyownname?” He asked teasingly. “Shut up.” I said and weighed the sword with my arm. “Light.” “Are you kidding?” He asked in surprise. “I gave you the heavier one!” “No!” I protested. “It’s very light.” I said lifting it up. “Let’s fight!” I yelled and he charged at me. We both struck with the swords and met in an “X” in the middle and they had made a loud crack sound, like a piece of broken glass scratching against a blackboard. My arms shivered and sent multiple shocks of sharp stabbing pain up my arms. I winced in pain. V dropped his sword and hissed. “Dēvuḍu. Mīru balaṅgā sampādin̄cānu (God, you’ve gotten stronger.)” A drop of sweat dripped down my forehead. Shots of pain shot up my arm again and I dropped mine. My arm felt like it was on fire.“So have you.” The door banged open. “Are you two alright?” It was my mother. “Oh. You two are at each other’s throats again.” She realized and suggested “We should probably go see a doctor otherwise those’ll get worse.” V’s mother, my brother, and V’s sister ran out behind them. V’s mother didn’t look

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