Creative Writing: A Journey Into The Deaf World

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On October 15, 2015 I went to the Panera Deaf Chat in West Orange and this was an experience that I will never forget. I was supposed to attend with one of my classmates, but unfortunately she could not make it so I decided to ask a friend to take me. I was excited when I knew my classmate was accompanying me, but when she canceled fear consumed me. I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect, although Professor Wohsteller mentioned that people from the Deaf community are very friendly. When we arrived at the building I was literally shaking and numerous questions flooded my mind. I remembered two questions that lingered for quite some time and I could not get them out of my head. I kept asking myself “What is I cannot understand what they are saying to me? “And “What if I have no idea what they are signing about?” I stood outside the building which is surrounded with glass and I could see what was…show more content…
I asked them if they were born Deaf Al said yes, and proceeded to give me for information. He told me his mother and two other siblings are Deaf but his father is not. He mentioned that being Deaf never bothered him because he was able to live a productive life in spite of the fact that he was not hearing. He also stated his wife is hearing and their two children are also hearing, but he taught them how to sign. After Al was finished I relaying his story I asked Abby the same question and to my surprise she answered and said “ I am not Deaf I am hard of hearing.” I felt a sense of relief Abby is able to speak, but I was a little annoyed that she allowed me to go through all these hoops to sign when I could simply speak to her orally. Then I remembered that is not polite to speak in the presence of a Deaf person and that was probably why Abby choose to sign inside of verbally speaking to
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