Creative Tourism Essay

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a. A description of the research problem including a problem statement (25 marks)

Problem Statement: The affect of creative tourism on Malta as a destination

Tourism can provide various experiences for different kind of people who will seek distinctive experiences (Richards, 2011). The relationship between tourism and creativity is developing rapidly. One can argue that creativity helped in transforming traditional culture from tangible heritage to more intangible culture emphasizing the importance of everyday life (Richards & Wilson, 2006). The aim of this study is to investigate how creative tourism will affect Malta as a destination. As Scott (2010) suggested we will need to understand what creative tourism is and examine why it has become
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Countries are also using it as a strategy to promote innovation and individual skill development. These changes can be linked to broader processes like globalization, which this is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of worldviews, products ideas among other aspects of culture. Creative tourism can be said to be a new tourism opportunity that emphasizes the engagement between locals and tourists who are interested in actively participating and learn from an authentic experience. This type of tourism will open the door for tourists and locals to exchange knowledge and develop creative potential together. This will result in creating unforgettable memories and deep understanding of the place. Creative tourism has arguably more potential than traditional cultural tourism, because creativity can add value more easily and allow a destination to innovate new products and thus creative resources will be more sustainable. Cities and regions are now adjusting their images more rapidly in the global market and therefore they are relying less on changes in industrial structure but they are working on branding their…show more content…
According to Klausen (2010) there is no standard definition of creativity and he argues that this is problematic. Robinson (2008) also claimed that there is a lack of a single accepted definition, but he also states that this is due to the flexibility of the term creativity. Creativity usually is related with a creative person but Amabile (1996) suggested that in the last few decades this has shifted to highlight a creative product. Creativity has evolved and it now plays an important part in the development of tourism. Cultural tourism has been one of the most grown markets in global tourism (Richards, 1996). Different people seek different kind of experiences and it is a known fact that tourism can be a source that will provide such experiences (Richards, 2001). Nowadays tourists are eager to engross with a destination’s culture and many of them will try to feel the spirit of the place by seeking to participate directly (Landry, 2010). By this they feel that they are achieving a deeper understanding of a place cultural features (Landry,
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