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“Alex and Ani is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that also promote consciousness and unity, Our design aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful, which supports how we create our products, all of which are handcrafted from recycled metals.” - Joseph Lezon (Chief Technology Officer of Alex and Ani) Diversity and eco-friendly ideas have been a new innovative way of capturing consumers attention in the fashion industry. The current cult for a conscience mind towards creating an ecological environment and acceptance for a multifaceted array of people can encourage consumers to buy with the knowledge of knowing they are helping their community. Carolyn Rafealien, founder and creative director of Alex and Ani, a brand of fashion jewelry that creates many accessories but is most known for its bracelets and charms are all made in America. Their products which are made of recycled metals and each have a symbolic uniqueness between every charm have made a huge impact on not only their growth as a compan...

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