Creationism vs. Evolution: How did it really happen?

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Creationism vs. Evolution: How did it really happen?

Ever since 1859 and the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin1, his first publication of his observations, much debate has come about concerning the issue of how life on earth came to be. Both the Creationists and Evolutionists believe in the "Big Bang" theory of creation of life; however, the mechanism for the development of new life provides the conflict. Evolutionists believe the cause of life on earth to be accidental, random atomic collisions (non-living matter), known as abiogenesis2. Creationists believe the cause to be supernatural intervention outside the physical world, God. Both groups have reasons for what they believe. However, proving either theory to be true is impossible as of now, due to the lack of provable evidence on the Evolutionist side, and the lack of evidence to refute the Creationist viewpoint.

The numerous discrepancies and flaws in each theory of creation have fueled the debate over the years, each side trying to prove the other’s theory false. Unfortunately for the Evolutionists, those who believe what Darwin has published, two major observations stand out which challenge the validity of Darwin’s theories. The theory of evolution is just that, a theory with no scientific proof, and there is no scientific evidence refuting the story of creation of life as it is written in the Bible. Consequently, these arguments also support the Creationist viewpoint3.

Darwin’s theories, which have become the basis for Evolutionist thought, came from observations made while on an expedition in South America. After observing environmentally related variations in traits among 13 types of the same species of bird, Darwin developed the con...

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