Creation of an Amateur Performance

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Creation of an Amateur Performance Our performed piece was based upon the poem called Amber written by Jennie Fontana. This was our stimulus and my first impression of the poem was of the sea and waves. This was the overriding theme for the piece, which we were to perform. To introduce us to the end piece we had to first understand what it was we were dealing with, in musical terms. We learnt the basic terms of music and what they meant and we tried to create a little piece which demonstrated at least one of characteristics. The piece, which I created, was based upon tempo and pitch. I played a basic set of notes on the keyboard and then speeded them up and then I stopped, (using silence) and then proceeded to step up an octave. I did this three times. Everybody else in the group did this so we could have some sound recognition about what each sounded like. After this we had to be taught simple ways of writing down music in terms that we could understand. I have had previous lessons in guitar so I know the basic chords and notes, however with the class we learnt how to write it in a way that we used numbers and lines, TAB. The way we were taught to right a minimalist form of notation was to produce dots. Say you were using a drum and you were counting your beats, one, two, three, four. And on every third of the four beats you would hit your drum. We would write this down like this: This gave us a way of remembering the rhythm of the piece and who should be playing what were. This was very useful especially with four people playing instruments. We used this form of notation in a piece we created. This was were we all had percussion instruments and had to come up with 4 lines of 4 bars. We had to use ... ... middle of paper ... ...hen he left came back 20 years later and he had turned into a munich. Some of the funniest lines we could use within the final performance because it would lower the tone of the overall performance which was fair enough but there were a couple I thought would have brought the house down. When it came to final performance there was hardly anything that hadn't been done the stardance looked almost perfect and the singing was pretty bang on also. We had a wonderful acting, which brought across a point as well as make everybody laugh. The stage set for the dancers up above and there was also the lights which had to be places pretty well to make sure everyone was highlighted and seen properly. The whole performance was great and it went down very well. There was nothing that went wrong and the whole audience enjoyed it a lot. Bibliography:
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