Creating a Promotional Display for the Entrance of a Supermarket Store

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Creating a Promotional Display for the Entrance of a Supermarket Store

1 Introduction


This document supports the design and manufacture of the hardware

coursework for the GCSE Design & Technology course 2004. The aim of

the coursework was to design and make a promotional display for the

entrance of a Supermarket Store to promote a new chocolate bar. My

solution for this problem was to provide an interactive game, which

promotes the new Cadbury's Mye chocolate bar.

Firstly, I generated some initial ideas on how I was going to solve

the problem. From these ideas, I selected one, which was my final

idea. Research was necessary to support the technical parts of my

solution and to help me decide what components to use.

I constructed a design specification, which defined the system and

gave me a boundary to work within. I also constructed this so that at

the end of the project I could look back and see if I had kept to the


I used subsystems to help me to break down the system. This helped me

to focus on a specific area of the solution at any one time.

These subsystems were combined and tested. The Test Results were

recorded and then evaluated against the Design Specification.

Finally, this document supports three Appendices: Appendix A shows the

resources I used to carry out this project. Appendix B contains some

extra research that I did for future features of the game. Lastly,

Appendix C contains some digital pictures of the mechanisms and

overall construction.

2 design problem


The manager of a local supermarket has no promotion for the latest

chocolate bar from Cadburys "Mye". He wishes to have a promotional

display at the entrance to his supermarket, to advertise this new bar.

The display must be interactive to the customer therefore it attracts

them to buy the new chocolate bar.

Unwind your Mind with Cadbury Mye...



My solution to the problem is to provide an interactive game, which

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that at the end of the project, they could look back and see if they had kept to the plan.
  • Explains that the balls return via a sloped net to the ball rack at the bottom.
  • Opines that in a busy store, you wouldn't want to set up and use too much space.
  • Describes the text box: move the promotion; control the motor; detect the ball.
  • Explains that it can be used as either an astable or a monostable.
  • Explains that r1 is in mâ„ and c1 in f.
  • Explains that the frequency can be worked out by using the r1 and c1 values.
  • Explains that a relay is used to turn other circuits on or off.
  • Explains the worm gears, which looks like a screw thread and can be meshed with.
  • Explains that bevel gears are used to turn the drive through 90 o.
  • Compares the gear ratio of the driven gear and the number of teeth on the drive gear.
  • Narrates how they drilled the winning hole with a pillar drill and cut out the hole.
  • Explains that the ball must be able to roll into the winning hole and return to the hole.
  • Explains that the ball must be able to roll into the losing hole and return to the hole.
  • Explains that they placed the mask design on top of the pcb and exposed it.
  • Opines that their joint should look like a small volcano if they didn't get both.
  • Narrates how they pushed the switch, it turned off, and needed it the other way round.
  • Explains that a 'patch wire' was needed to connect pin 2 of the 555 timer to the clock.
  • Explains that they decided to use a worm gear for the driver gear, and he chose to choose.
  • Explains how they mounted a dc motor, worm driver, and wheel onto the meccano ®.
  • Explains that a tube was fitted to the back of the display board so that it is able to be viewed.
  • Explains that their game could be tested at the end of the project.
  • Opines that it was easier than they first anticipated. it was easy because they had a lot of fun.
  • Explains that you are unable to see this when the back panel is in place.
  • Narrates how they dried the pcb and used wire wool to clean the track. they then used a drill to drill out the holes.
  • Explains that they chose the micro switch option (2) because if they used a pressure pad it could get in the way of rolling balls.
  • Explains that it was a surprise that pin 2 on the 555 timer needed to be kept high, and only when it drops, it drives.
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