Creating a Meal From Locally Grown Foods

Creating a meal from locally grown products is an important part of supporting our local farmers and food economy. This meal I created by using all locally grown food combined a protein, fall harvest vegetables, and included a common starch of potatoes. I served my immediate family this meal, and bought all of the food products from the local farmers market in my home town. This paper will review my thoughts on the positive environmental impacts of buying locally grown food, the meal served, a brief review of the farmer’s market where the meal was purchased, what my family thought of the meal, and the challenges faced from purchasing and eating a meal from food grown locally. When considering what positive impacts buying locally can do to improve the health and economy of a community, it is hard to believe that we eat any other way. Earth Talk (2013) gives a simplistic list of reasons why buying locally is beneficial, including: locally grown food tastes better because it is fresh and didn’t travel miles to get to our table, it is typically healthier because local farmers tend to produce smaller crops and don’t utilize the pesticide’s used on mass produce farms, it reduces global warming by decreasing the travel of large semis carrying produce across country who contribute to the 28% of transportation greenhouse emissions (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2013), local farmer’s get to collect 100 percent profit for their products by not having to hire help to transport, package, or market their product, and lastly farmers utilize local farm land for farming helping to keep developing in check and in long run preserving land. When considering these positive impacts of bringing food to the ta... ... middle of paper ... ...etrieved from Hoffbauer, L. (n.d.). Duluth market, open since 1911. Retrieved from Duluth Farmer's Market: Minnesota Department of Agriculture. (2013). About Minnesota grown: Promoting locally grown products. Retrieved from Minnesota Department of Health. (2013, May 13). Carlton, Cook, Lake, St. Louis SHIP: How northeast Minnesota counties are improving the health of their communities, working with schools. Retrieved from United States Environmental Protection Agency. (2013, September 9). Sources of green house gas emissions. Retrieved from
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