Creating a Marketing Strategy for a New Product

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Creating a Marketing Strategy for a New Product


This coursework entitled “Marketing” is about creating a marketing

strategy for a new or existing product.

die VW und Audi Seite befindet sich noch im AufbauThe product I have

chosen to do is the new Audi A6, the latest model of car to be made

available for order in the UK in April 2004 for delivery on the 12th

of June which is set to sell from £24,175 to £42,775 (including VAT).

Audi history

The Audi badge – the 'Four Rings' – is the emblem of one of the oldest

car manufacturers in Germany. It symbolises the 1932 merger of the

four independent motor-vehicle manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Horch and

Wanderer. Together with the NSU brand, which joined in 1969, these

companies are the roots of the present-day AUDI AG. The Audi Company

currently have a reputation for producing high quality, long lasting

cars. Their slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “Progress

through technology”. They made net profit of €816 million in 2003,

€5.4 million more than in 2002.

Audi UK

Audi UK is the most successful Audi importer in Europe and its

consistently increasing sales reflect this. Having increased sales

each year since 1999, the brand broke through the 65,000 sales barrier

in 2002 and sold 70,107 in 2003. Their market share in this year was

2.7%, a 0.6% increase on the previous year. Audi UK has been operating

as a separate company in the United Kingdom for over 10 years,

following wholesale separation from the Volkswagen brand in 1993,

although remains part of the Volkswagen Group based at its

headquarters in Buckinghamshire. There are currently 131 Audi Centres

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