Creating Text

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Creating Text

The process of creating “text” without using technology appeared to be a simple task that would allow the students to be a creator of his or her unique technology free masterpiece. I just had to come up with a creative, natural way to write text instead of using modern technologies that society takes for granted. How hard and restrictive could this assignment be? I soon found out everything would not go exactly as planned. It took me two attempts and failures before I finally achieved some level of success.

My first idea came to me while I was getting ready one morning. Why not use hair to create text! It is a natural part of the human body that is constantly growing, natural and indispensable. I could have taken hair, looped and knotted several clumps together to make letters and then placed those letters to spell out text on any surface. The hair would be portable but undoing the formed letters to create newly formed letters would have been time consuming and difficult. I have several friends who cut hair for a living and I could have easily had them give me hair they cut from their customers. I also attempted to ask my sister for her hair; she has dread locks which would have been easier to work with since they are so thick but she didn’t want to part with them for a homework assignment. The more I thought about this idea the more I realized how time consuming and unrealistic it would be. Using hair would be a creative way to develop text but I would need mass quantities and lots of patience.

My second idea came to me when I took a trip to the grocery store. I went to the produce section and circled around the stands looking for some piece of fruit or vegetable that ...

... middle of paper ... the writing process can be revised, edited, and visually reviewed where speech is spur of the moment and final. Traditionalists often resisted writing and viewed the process as unnatural and untrustworthy (Dennis Baron 39). However, speech seems to demand more trust because the individual is exposing themselves to their audience which subjects them to high levels of criticism.

Overall, this project has exposed the mechanics and technology involved in the writing process. Up until this point I put little thought or recognition into the process I use so widely on a regular basis. After the amount of time, energy, and thought that went in to my attempt to create “natural” writing mechanics and tools the frustration isn’t worth what seems to be a small victory. In the end the process of trying to think of something natural to create is unnatural.
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