Creating Different Challenges: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication

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1 First order change is doing something within I have already experienced such as rules and values. For example, I’m learning about Communication. Even though I changed universities to learn it, it is same as a student. Second order change is doing something new things I have never experienced. Creating new things excepting values and rules. For example, I’m learning about Communication. However, if I become a teacher to teach communication, I’m doing a something new. I changed from a student to a teacher. 2 Social capital is that citizens or members shared responsibility each other and they are actively engaged with each other. Moreover, Social capitals means network, norms, and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for…show more content…
Advantages are their vision is clear, because they come up with them, so they tend to spend their effort. On the other hands, that enrolling or engaging in others’ vision challenges is difficult is a challenge. Socialized vision is that group members try to create group’s plan or goal together. Advantages are group members tend to support each other and say opinions, and they are involved in developing the group vision. On the other hand, a challenge is group members cannot define their own vision efficiently when they work as a group. 4 Collaboration is based on a relationship that tries to achieve mutual goals. On the other hands, cooperation is based on a relationship that helps each party to achieve its own individual goals. 5 Positive reinforcement is to give something the subject wants or reward and praise people and animal. It works on others and myself. For example, in leadership, commitment or collaboration are essential, but not all members did their best. They may lose their motivation. At that time, I should praise their daily’s effort, give thanks, or give present as a surprise. They will get back their…show more content…
For example, holding meetings that all local people can say their opinions freely or making boxes to put into their opinions. Political Involvement is to try to be involved in government and politics. For example, participating in discussion about social issues or going to vote. Socially Responsible Personal and Professional Behavior is when people decide something, they take consider others and take responsibility for them, and behave for others. for example, think about people’s health problems, avoid using cars and buses. Philanthropic Giving is to contribute money and supply needed items for organization or people or to create these events. For example, donating money to orphanages or donating old books to libraries. Participation in Associations is to participate in organizations or communities that spread social networks. For example, there are many volley ball teams in the country. By becoming a member of volley ball team, people can spread their connection when they fight with other
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