Creating A Great Family Atmosphere

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Millions of visitors encounter warm sandy beaches every year. Locations such as these attract people from all walks of life. Vacationers come prepared to entertain themselves whether it be laying on the beach or walking on the pier. Many other activities are provided by vendors for beachgoers to enjoy. The chaotic beach image is drastically crowded with people, but they are relaxing, creating a great family atmosphere. This creative image expands upon a chaotic environment in which tourists are enjoying a sunny day. Two colorful beach balls are bouncing around in the air. The girl in a purple bikini on the left edge of the picture smiles as she tosses the ball to two boys running toward her. A little boy at the bottom of the picture kicks a beach ball around energetically avoiding a man who has his ice cream cone spilled on his head. His unpleasant demeanor is likely the result of children having a wonderful time on the beach. No matter where an individual looks in this picture, the subjects are engaged with each other or something around them. A man below the pier stares at the seagulls holding his fist up as they fly above him and his sandwich. He is hinting for the seagulls to fly away, but they would like to snatch his sandwich. Slightly left of the white dog a woman runs toward a sleeping man with her tray of food. Although a man in polka dot shorts is in front of her, she needs to be aware that he is directly in her path. Behind the striped Punch and Judy stand an orange haired woman in a yellow bikini dashes into the water. She is looking to join the other people already in the water. Grains of sand fly through the air as a little girl wearing yellow with brown pig tails digs a hole in front of the ice cream vendor next to... ... middle of paper ... ...r as the boy antagonizes the dog by offering a delicious free snack. Most families love to take pictures and enjoy the scenery on fun beach days. Under the brightly colored kite stands a woman taking a picture of a man who has caught a tiny fish. Holding the fish up for the picture, the man looks like he is proud of his catch by his posture. On the lookout site a man uses a telescope behind the waving woman. There is no clear point as to where he is looking amid all the chaos. A narrow faced man below the donkeys uses another telescope to look at something. Overall, a visit to the beach is a fabulous way to spend the day. This image provides various facets of beach entertainment. Many people visit a beach each year to relax. Groups of people seen on the beach are enjoying family time amongst all the chaos. The beach atmosphere is welcoming to all ages of society.
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