Course Of Empire Destruction By Thomas Cole

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Course of Empire Destruction Destruction is a exterior of tragedy that may come in many forms. When people hear the word destruction they may think of their own personal experience of destruction or tragedy. That may range from a house being torn apart by a tornado to a loss of a family member or president being assassinated. The effects of destruction are tremendous and terrible. That could affect one to thousands of people at a time; resulting in massively spread pain and suffering. In the painting Course of Empire Destruction, by Thomas Cole (1836), there is a mass tragedy being painted. The Vandals’ attack on Rome in 455, to be exact. The pain and devastation, was captured in this painting perfectly. Through many colors and symbols. Which affected thousands of people in many different ways. Cole used many techniques to show the enemy warriors taking over the town. Cole use of color and symbols reflect the destruction of the town. In the painting, Cole uses many colors and symbols to illustrate the effect of the attack. A old sandy color bridge is cast upon the middle of the painting, which is crumbling apart and crashing into the water. The water in this painting is dark blue and white showing the choppiness of the water. In the middle of the painting is a white statue with its head broken off, but still standing, holding a black shield leaning forward towards the center of the painting. In the background fire and gray and black smoke cover the landscape. The gray skies linger over the town with a dark depressing tone. While the river banks are roaring with fire. In the lower center of the painting is a woman dressed in white jumping to off the river bank with a warrior behin... ... middle of paper ... ...urce of income. Causing a drastic decline in trade; therefore, resulting in a lack of resources and migration. While the homes are demolished, leaving the townspeople homeless and no resources. Fending for themselves trying to survive. In general destruction is very damaging causing a lot of problems and setbacks. When it comes to war it 's very dangerous and has many set backs. Starting with rebuilding the town.Showing how dramatic and drastic war can be through a painting can be very difficult. He uses a painting instead of a novel, because the great visual detail and its ability to have a much larger audience than only people who are able to read. He was able to capture it all through a painting. Leaving very little to the imagination. He had everything up close, and in great detail. Focusing not only the symbols and colors, but the individual destruction.

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