Country Study Part 2

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Although at times Al Jazeera may be supportive of United States policy, there were plenty of examples of distinct perspectives they held from the US. Many of the articles I read on the crisis currently rocking Ukraine present facts that not only support and refute Russia, but also ones that support and refute the US. Overall the journalism seems to be fairly non-bias on this issue, which we do not see here in the US. Much of what is show to us on daily basis puts Russia in the drivers seat of the collision course between the two countries. In a different article I read on the sanctions being placed on Russia, the journalist suggested that Obama and Washington are going soft on Putin and his allies due to constant lobbying by corporations with economic interests overseas. That is an opinion that is not see often in generic news media. Another article I read was speaking of libertarianism's steady flow in US politics. The article said that America may not be dominated by only a two party force if libertarianism manages to continue trickling its was in. This is much different from most sources in the United States, which generally consider libertarianism to be not threat to the two-party system. Although there are many differing perspectives between Al Jazeera and US news corporations, the two see eye to eye on numerous subjects. For example, I was reading an article on John Kerry's remark about Israel moving towards becoming and “Apartheid State” if it were to not continue negotiations with the Palestinians, and it seemed as though the author agreed with much of what the US has been doing in the Levant. Other articles I read on Israeli-Palestinian relationships reinforce the fact that Al Jazeera seems to support the steps America... ... middle of paper ... ...s has many policy flaws that need to be changed. They way they are seen around the world today is shameful. Us Americans are seen as distrustful, incompetent, and argumentative. News around the world, such as Al Jazeera, speak of how America is slowly being drained of not only it military prowess, but also its soft power. We are in a time of decision. Either we continue on the path we are on; a road towards a world without America in the front seat, or we change our direction and show the world we are the country who sticks to the morals it puts forward. We need to heal our relations with countries around the world to be seen as a legitimate promoter of democracy, with the evidence to back our claims. The United States is a transformational era, and there is no telling what is on the other side if we do not alter our policies to match the altering world around us.
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