Countries that Apply The Death Penalty

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The freedom to live
Up to today, 36 countries apply the death penalty, also called the capital punishment. It is the irredeemable approval of the government to take the lives of people who have done irreparable crimes. In other words, it means that people are taking away the lives of other people in order to punish them for having done extreme actions.
But the death penalty does not castigate a convicted person who has done something extremely bad for example like murdering someone; rather it frees the person from his/her misery and does not allow him/her to live with a guilt he/she is going to carry with him/her during his/her entire lifetime.
We were all born by the will of God, and considered as a gift to the universe. If we look at life from a specific perspective, we realize that life is too short and that eventually, death will happen to all of us, but will reach each one of us at a different time. We do not chose who we are, what we look like, child of who, when were we born, nor why. Therefore, we do not choose whose life to end and when. Yes, some people commit murder, and it is counted as a mistake; but as is stealing something, cheating on someone, lying to another.. Of course it is considered as a higher degree of mistake, and should be put to justice. People with psychological problems are capable of murdering someone, but they are as humans as any other normal person. It is not their fault that they have this specific problem. Instead of being killed, they should be carefully treated.
Some citizens were proven to be innocent long after their execution. It is here clear that in making the death penalty a mandatory ‘law’, a meaningful number of innocent people will be executed which is obviously not right.
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...end to blame the death of the murderer on them, causing them to feel a huge guilt.
Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation and The Journey of Hope is a group founded by all victims’ families who oppose the death penalty. They denote their differences from the ones who have taken their precious ones from them by refusing to descend to a murderer’s level.
Capital punishment violates the right to life, which no one has right to oppose. Every human should be respected for his values and dignity no matter what he has carried out. There are many other ways than death to have justice. Some of them is by torturing the criminals, by keeping them away from their close ones.. But also, we should consider that there are many reasons that push citizens into committing murder, and that they are to be treated. But weather this treatment is to be successful or not, is unknown.
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