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So, why are counterfeit products such a big deal? I understand that many people might be thinking; “how different can products be if they look the same? People buy knock off Gucci bags and Goose jackets all the time. “So what if it isn’t the real deal, people save a lot of money, and the look and function just fine.” Sure, an unraveling stitch on a bag or jacket that you knew beforehand was counterfeit is one thing, but is that all of the dangers of a product such as that? What about the products or components that you DON’T know are counterfeit.
Counterfeiting is a 700 billion dollar industry and is being recognized globally as a dangerous economic problem. There is a good chance that the counterfeit item you purchased is helping the production of other counterfeit products or even organized crime. Counterfeiting goes way beyond fashion, it is in every category of product, no matter how real and safe you may think they are. There are counterfeit products in electronics, architecture, motor vehicles, aviation, military, medicine, and the list doesn’t stop there. Counterfeit products can have major safety issues.
Counterfeit electronics aren’t just that iPhone that you bought that broke in 1 month, or that high end PC, at a fraction of its original price that you just couldn’t resist, they are also components, electronic parts that you don’t know about. The rising numbers of counterfeit electronic parts in the supply chain costs the Canadian and US government billions of dollars each year, but the problem is not limited to government agencies. Consumer and Industrial businesses are losing approximately a quarter of a billion dollars each year because of counterfeit components. In addition, these counterfeit components are creating ...

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... brand name, and profit off the goodwill and recognition that the brand has built up. This can quickly cause irreparable damage to the brand and the brand’s reputation. The competition between the brand and the counterfeit product leads to more resources being spent on counterfeit detection methods that go directly to prices the consumer pays.
Counterfeit products don’t only effect businesses. They affect everyone, robbing Governments, and even society, of tax revenue, income, and jobs. The flood of counterfeit and pirated products create drain on the economy that deprives the government of tax revenue for essential public services and puts a greater burden on the taxpayer. The competition between the authentic product and the counterfeited product means is killing the western manufacturing, and putting at risk the towns that rely on manufacturing jobs for income.

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