Counterarguing Coleman's Allegations that Global Warming is a Scam

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The argument put forward by John Coleman, in his article “Global Warming Greatest Scam in History!”, is flawed mainly due to numerous logical fallacies. “Ad Hominem”, “Guilt by Association”, “Red Herring”, “Appeal to Irrelevant Authority”, “Hasty Generalization”, and “Genetic Fallacy” are some of the logical fallacies that can be observed to prevail in Coleman’s argument. As a consequence, the soundness, validity, clarity, reasoning and consistency of the whole article are insubstantial. Coleman’s premises fail to support his proposition that global warming is a scam, making the whole argument distorted and faulty.
The first defective premise that Coleman uses to support his claim, is that the scientists are “dastard”, “manipulative” and “wacko”, who are only “eager to produce findings that would be important and be widely noticed and trigger more research funding”. Coleman states that those scientists, who claim that global warming is happening, are only after their own agenda. They are lunatics, only after fame and glory. As such, he reasons that their findings must therefore not be trustworthy. That flawed logic is an example of “Abusive Ad Hominem”. By describing the scientists as being “dastard”, “manipulative” and “wacko”, Coleman attacks the scientists on a personal level in an attempt to discredit their findings. The logical fallacy is to assume that a person’s argument has a direct correlation with their character, when it does not. In this case, the strength of a scientist’s argument should not be assumed to be determined by his character. These types of abusive comments do not strengthen Coleman’s argument at all, but instead shows how groundless his premise is.
Furthermore, another type of “Ad Hominem” can be observ...

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...e “dastard”, “manipulative” and “wacko”, which in itself is based off the premise of PHDs being part of a “single minded culture”. Coleman did not present any facts, data or references to his numerous premises but used a lot of flawed logic to convince the reader. Due to the various logical fallacies in the article “Global Warming Greatest Scam in History!” by John Coleman, it becomes clear that it is a flawed argument. John Coleman does not have a convincing argument that global warming is a scam.

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