Countdown Online Store Case Study

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Question 1
Compare and contrast the consumer benefits and limitations of physically going to the supermarket versus purchasing via the Countdown online store. Comment on whether you ended up with anything different or out of the ordinary on your virtual shopping list as a result of visiting the virtual supermarket.

Online shopping has become a new trend when it comes to purchasing good and services. It was developed by marketers which they had studied consumer’s behaviors and identified possible trends. By developing the trend, retailers have identified some benefits, retailers can take advantage of and limitations that may cause some consumers to not consider purchasing online.
In this condition, Countdown has numerous benefits that can
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Consumers will be enticed to purchase online as this will be a quick an easy task to perform rather than going all the way to the supermarket and going through all the isles collecting all the goods you require and purchasing, all that precious time could be allocated somewhere else where it could me more effective. On top of that you could also save precious fuel which is becoming more expensive.
- Virtual o Now that everything is now online, consumers have the ability to filter their search for certain products or prices, for example at Countdown you have the ability to narrow your search down to specials, gluten free, price drops and more. This will benefit supermarkets as this will find certain goods quick and easy. Countdown have also implemented a shop from list, which helps you shop easier or if you want to use a saved shopping list to you have the ability to create a smart trolley, simply just create it and it will do your shopping every time you select that option.
- Extra
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Also even online provide certain goods that are not on stock shelves in stores.
There are numerous number of advantages when comparing online shopping with going into store and physically purchasing the goods yourself. However where there are advantages, there will be limitations that may hinder the markets advantage. Some advantages of physically going into store are:
- Quality o With online you cannot inspect the condition the good the consumer has purchased until it has reached your doorstep. But by going into supermarkets, consumers have the ability to hand inspect their good to see what condition it is in and purchase the good.
- Security o Slowly internet is taking over the industries, while that is happening, more and more internet hackers are appearing. Consumers are aware of these hackers and some do not trust online shopping as their personal information such as bank accounts can be exploited
- Delivery issues o Breakdowns can occur with trucks, which resulting in a back log of deliveries. This could also affect the decisions of consumers when deciding to purchase online or
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