Counselor As A Facilitator Case Study

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Role of counselor as facilitator than leader: The person-centered approach highlights the personal qualities of the group leader rather than the techniques of leading. The part of the facilitator in the person-centered group is that of making a climate in which individuals are empowered to find their energy and to own inner sources of mending. The facilitator does not expect that a specific process will happen, nor will he or she will attempt to quicken a specific process. If there are standard rules for the facilitator, they can be expressed as openness to surprise and to their own surrender to solidarity (Wood, 1982). The facilitator follows up on the supposition that members have the force inside of them to determine their issues, mend themselves, and move in positive productive headings. Rogers portrays his facilitator part in the accompanying way: the role of the facilitator is to become as much as a participant in the group. This is difficult as the facilitator has to consciously play different roles without making that too obvious. The facilitator should be more risking kind of person in the later than in the early stages of the group. The basic function of the facilitator is to create a tolerant and healing atmosphere in the group. This treatment is best considered as a “way of being” rather than a “way of doing.” Rogers (1986b) wrote that…show more content…
Other qualities and attitudes possessed by person-centered therapists include receptivity to experience, contact and engagement, a therapeutic alliance, authentic dialogue, understanding the client’s experience, and hopefulness regarding the client’s capacity for the relationship (Cain, 2008,

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