Counselling Reflection

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As I continue my journey as an emerging counselor, I have realized how crucial the relationship between client and counselor is. However, after reading the two assigned sections from Carl Rogers book, I felt inspired and incompetent because there is so much to learn to truly strive to become a better helper. I have learned that there are many features of a good relationship. However, first one needs to move away from a dualistic way of thinking. A dualistic thinking is not an effective way to approach therapy as a counselor. I recall coming into this helping profession with a problem-solving mentality but I quickly realized that that type of mentality would not be effective or helpful. Hence, Rogers reassured that assumption in his book. In contrast, one needs to realize that it is not about solving the client’s problems but rather the depth of understanding and openness between the counselor and client. I learned many important…show more content…
However, realistically speaking some clients are not able to do this and since the approach is non-directive how can one as a therapist help the client. Therefore, I view it to be counterproductive for the well being of the client especially clients who need more direction. Unconditional positive regard is one of Rogers’s key concepts towards building a helping relationship with a client. However, as useful and as helpful that I find it, I also find it to be counterproductive. For example, logically speaking, people seek therapy to alleviate their problems, so when a therapist is accepting the clients wrongful behavior, rather than telling them when they are doing something detrimental that is causing the issues at hand. I do not find it to very helpful because it fails to bring awareness to the behavior. Therefore, the therapist is contributing to the client’s negative and unhealthy
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