Counselling Assessment Essay

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Assessment Part 1
1a Written knowledge questions
1. How you would meet the client’s individual needs and expectations while using a structured approach to counselling?
The structured approach to counselling will depend on the type of counselling method each counsellor uses. The use of structure provides the client with a framework which will be used in the counselling process, which in turn supports the client through the stages of resolving their problems or concerns.
Using a structured approach to counselling while meeting a client’s individual needs requires the use of, congruency, empathetic understanding, non-judgemental and having unconditional positive regard. These are key elements to developing rapport with a client. This can be achieved by gathering information on the client through the use of, observation, inviting the client to talk about themselves, or the use of an intake form.
Inquiring to the client as to whether or not they have been to see a counsellor previously, and what their expectations may be of counselling. Being clear to the client on what your beliefs, and the approaches you may take and use in the counselling session, as well as being clear from the beginning if you are the right counsellor for them or if you may need to refer them on to another counsellor or organisation.
2. In what circumstances might an alternative to counselling be offered to a client?
Many clients come from a variety of beliefs and cultures, as a counsellor you may not always be suited to helping everyone that walks in.
Other circumstances such as alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse and thoughts of suicide may make the counsellor unqualified to deal with those particular circumstances in which the client may need extra support or...

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...iate the client, and consider the extra-therapeutic issues related to forming an alliance in positive ways to raise the client’s sense of competence.

5. What are the goals of counselling?
The goals of counselling include the improving the wellness of one's whole being. It also strengthens one's personal growth in finding the correct course of life where they are satisfied and contempt and feel more confident within themselves that they can take on certain situations that may come to pass at some point in their life again.
Successful counselling involves building the client to work out problems in their own life without pushing them in another direction or giving out personal advice on matters, but rather working through a structured framework that the client builds up their own self confidence and are able to take the steps necessary to accomplishing their goals.
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