Could Go To War But Can't Drink

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America’s government believes that 18 year old young adults are mature enough to enter the army or navy, but are not mature enough to handle an alcoholic beverage. As Lyzi White stated, “You believe that 18 year olds have brains that are mature enough to go to war, to enter marriage, to fulfill legal obligations like voting and jury duty, but not mature enough to drink?”. I completely agree with the point White stated. You’re telling me they are mature enough to kill people and stay away from family for months or even years at a time, but are not mature enough to consume alcohol? If an 18 year old can put their life at risk for their country, what makes you think they’re not mature enough to drink in their own country. I do understand that there is still a lot of mental growth that a person may experience between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, but my argument would be that since they are putting up a fight and protecting our country, they should be able to consume alcohol. Young adults who barely look old enough to be legal are fighting for our country and putting their lives at risk everyday. Blood drips down their face as they’re being targeted, their lives are flashing before their eyes. It’s unfair that they are old enough to experience tragedy like that, but are not able to drink a beer or two to help them relax. Many of these young men and women experience things that could traumatize them for the rest of their lives. They’re fighting for their country and putting the lives of others before their own. Its unreal what they have to go through, and unbelievable that they can’t have an alcoholic beverage to ease their pain. With everything they go through, they should be able to celebrate their achievements with a few ... ... middle of paper ... ...ect than what they get. These teenagers are leaving home for months and even years at a time, but can’t have a drink of alcohol, just to feel relaxed. I believe if you give them the privilege to drink alcohol, they will be more responsible then if it was against the law to drink at their age. Alcohol is something you can have a few cans of and you can just feel relieved and relaxed. Virtually any teenager at the age of 18 just want to have a good time, I am sure that is what these young men and women in the army and navy are looking forward to as well. For all these teenagers do for not only our families, but for the whole country, they should be able to choose whether or not if they would like to consume alcohol. Overall, they are considered adults when they go to war, so they should be considered adults and be able to drink whenever and whatever they choose.

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