Costa Dric The History Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Latin America and is a Spanish speaking country. It is conveniently located between Panama and Nicaragua and is very close to the Caribbean Sea and also close to the Pacific Ocean. While it is about ten degrees of equator, Costa Rica can have a variety of temperature changes, most of which can be within the range of being tropical ,humid, and raining. This country is very diverse with people despite how small it is in size.
History of the conquista
It was in 1560 that the first Spanish settlers arrived to the country (The History of Costa Rica, 2000). When they arrived to the country, the they were quite surprised that the indigenous people were not willing to work the labor that they were forced into. It was then that the area started to grow slowly and was then considered to be a providence of the Spanish (The History of Costa Rica, 2000). The company had finally
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However, that plan had failed. The native people were uninviting to their guest. The native people even burned their own crops that they had harvested and planted just so that the Spaniards would not be able to have their merchandise to share with them. It made it so that the Spaniards would not be able to eat their crops. The Spaniards tried very hard to achieve colonization in Veragua but however they did fail. In 1562 Juan Vásquez de Coronado was able to take office was made the governor of Veragua. Coronado was a caring governor and was also alot nice than the men who took office before him. He tried the hardest to make the native people feel comfortable in their territory as it was their land first. It was between the years of the 1500s and the 1600s that the Spanish settlers married and had children with the Native people, the children were given the name
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