Cost-Effective Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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Since the bathroom is one room in the home that sees some of the most frequent use, it is only natural that it is a showpiece of the home's decor By using some great looking bathroom tile design ideas, you can transform this frequently used home centerpiece from a drab space into a masterpiece of interior design. Once this transformation is complete, your bathroom is sure to be a room that will be awe-inspiring for anyone who visits your home. A method that many home interior designers have found to be one of the best bathroom tile design ideas for creating a stunning bathroom is to cover the bathroom's walls and shower/bath area in small tiles. Small tiles help a small bathroom to look larger and give a large bathroom an increased air of spaciousness. However, using small tiles on a bathroom floor seems to distract from the overall ambiance of the bathroom decorations. Therefore, it is recommended that you use tiles that are larger than 12 square inches when tiling a bathroom floor. One of the best bathroom tiles for decorating bathroom walls is the Kohler K-14207-WF Prairie Flowers Decorative Tile. This tile is patterned after the dinnerware of Russia's legendary Empress Catherine the Great. This 6-inch square tile features prairie flowers and floral designs accompanied by quotations from Aldo Leopold. When a homeowner uses this tile for decorating their bathroom or powder room, they are going to add an element of superb elegance to the room that they can definitely be proud of. Since this tile comes in a package of eight tiles per carton, a homeowner will only need a couple of packs of tile to create an exquisite look for their bathroom. Overall, this tile is one of the premier decorative tiles available for homeowners s... ... middle of paper ... ...esign in their home, but they will also have a space that helps to increase the overall value of their home. In the end, a homeowner is sure to find that remodeling their bathroom with decorative tile will be an investment that is certain to pay off. Sources Lee Wallender, "Bathroom Tile Ideas for a Fresh New Look," “5 techniques to use blue color in bathroom tile design,” Tile Design “Kohler K-14207-WF Prairie Flowers Decorative Field Tile,” Faucet Direct “Kohler K-14200-GB Garden Bandana Decorative Field Tile,” Faucet Direct

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