Cosplay Is The Art Of Costume Play

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Cosplay, a portmanteau that joins the words “costume” and “play,” is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers dress up for costumes from the characters which are from comics books, games and cartoons of the US - to anime and manga - comics and cartoons of Japan, that they love. This is a new subculture that came from Japan then became widely popular to the world, but not all people understand what it really means. They still have some negative thought about it. As for myself, cosplay is much more than a hobby. It is “the art of costume play,” which also has its difficult and challenging, and can consider as a job. Most parents do not see what is good about this hobby besides turning people to fictional characters with heavy makeup and sprucing outfits, just to draw attention. Some people might call cosplayer or person who like cosplayer is “nerd.” In addition, some people don’t like cosplay, especially parents because it costs a lot of money. A normal costume such as Elsa from famous Disney show “Frozen” is around $400 while a sophisticated costume like a Metal Gear REX armored robot from video game “Metal Gear Solid” costs $7000. (New York Post.)…show more content…
It is a performance art which does not discriminate on gender or age so that anyone can join this culture. A professional cosplayer not only has to dress up the same outfit but also express the spirit of the character in every gesture, and the look. They must pay attention to the actions, gait, speech, personality, how to behave as close to the characters. For example, to transforming a Sailor Moon girl, cosplayer not only need to go through costumes, hairstyles and makeup, but also her dialogue or the way she performs her magic, which will be mark as success or not. Moreover, cosplayers usually perform in conventions such as Sail Diego Comic-Con, festivals like Anime Expo, and masquerade but not at

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