Cosmopolitanism Essay

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With the development of society, world becomes smaller and smaller and gradually y becomes a big family. Every people try their best to blend in this big family. The purpose of cosmopolitanism is more likely for people now to achieve. Kwame Anthony Appiah, the author of “Making Conversation and the Primacy of Practice”, not only asserts that cosmopolitanism is the name of challenge but also suggests that there are two strands that intertwine in the notions of cosmopolitanism. While on the other hand, Steve Olson, the author of “The End of Race: Hawaii and the Mixing of Peoples” provides real examples of the racial harmonious mixing and cultural appreciation among the different ethnic groups in Hawaii and he also argues that there is actually…show more content…
When people start to build larger societies, they need to know about other ethnic groups’ ways of life and culture in today’s global society. With the development of society, now world becomes smaller. Many small tribes gather together to become a big society. It is more likely that people become cosmopolitanism. However, cosmopolitanism also brings people some problems. They are no longer familiar with all people in the society with the expansion of society. “By then, they had already worked out how to live cheek by jowl in societies where most of those who spoke your language and shared your laws and grew the food on your table were people you would never know.” (Appiah P68) It is really impossible for a citizen to integrate multicultural society with different ethnic groups at the beginning. It is a responsibility for people to get to know more about different cultures. For human beings are social animals, they can make adjustment in order to adapt this kind of society. Although most of people they meet in their social lives are strangers, they gradually make friends with each other and build their social networks in order to blend into the new society. While it takes time, it is really