Cosmology: The Earth And The Creation Of The Universe

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The Earth, our home that is but a speck in a vast and ever expanding universe. Since the dawn of time humans have pondered why are we here, and who are we? During ancient times religion was the stiff spine that bound the book together, but as we have evolved so has our reliance on religion from what it once was. The earliest interpretation of our world was an archaic concept that biblical writers in Israel thought that the earth was flat and at the center of the universe. Theories like these were the mindset of the day that god was there, god was everything, later when the field of observational cosmology came to fruition with the theory of the Primordial Egg it disputed almost all that came before it. Cosmology helped us determine the “Laws…show more content…
Evidence from the big bang has showed us that our universe is expanding and ever changing, completely contradicting what the bible states in which we are not the center, every second space gets larger moving in an outward direction from supposedly the location of the big bang. There are basically two views of the origin of the universe either with the narrative of god creating the world in the book of genesis or that our universe was small and dense until some sort of rapid expansion accrued creating all that is known. These views show that there are two complete different ideas on how our universe has come to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t merge the two. As I said before Pope Urban VIII, among others even Steven Hawking has entertained the idea of an integrated scientific religious belief. From cosmology we can understand that we are just a speck in an ever expanding universe, but we have come to the conclusion that everything is interconnected relatively to some degree. From stardust to common ancestry, all life is comprised of mostly the same make up, slight tuning between everything is what distinguishes us from

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