Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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DESIGNING A WOMAN Social Issues Regarding the acceptance of Women and Cosmetic Surgery Beauty has always been society’s greatest obsession and without realizing it, society is breeding a society that satisfies their standards. Society has compelled women to go “under the knife” as society’s ethics and beliefs have set an unrealistic standard of beauty that is unreasonable to meet. Cosmetic surgery has become a practice that is used to help women abide these societal standards of beauty. Women undergo surgical procedures to gain social acceptance in society, meet the standards that the media sets and satisfy today’s male dominating society. A woman’s physical appearance have been so concerning and important, their need to possess their desirable traits is eliminating their own individuality. Standards of physical beauty has been shown all over the media, as they continue to perpetuate this conception by bombarding women with images of unrealistic models. These unattainable goals are unrealistic and even dangerous as it makes it difficult for women to reach their satisfaction. The mass media has shown many females that achieved this standard making it seem normal for women to want to achieve it. This motivates more women to compel themselves to get cosmetic surgery. David Sarner from the University of Pennsylvania medical school states that, “Women more invested in their appearance and those who internalize mass media images of beauty hold more favourable attitudes toward cosmetic surgery”. Due to the rapid advancement and usage of social networking, women feel the need to compete with these fictional photo-shopped images that is circulating online. The importance of social media has become so strong, "It's as i... ... middle of paper ... .... Physical appearance of the body has become a fundamental part of identity. To gain social acceptance in society, women feel pressured to meet the standards of what society recalls as beauty. Women have tried to get a liposuction or reconstruct their face to try and attain their significant other's attention and follow what the media depicts as appealing. By eliminating their own individuality, women try to attain this invalid image to feel more confident and feel more accepted. As society becomes more accepting to plastic/cosmetic surgery, women in society will no longer look unique and will become a master race that will eventually brainwash society as individuality will become extinct. This is a result of a woman’s motive to try to obtain the ideals of beauty within society. As John Mason has said, "You were born an original. Don't die a copy" (Mason, 1993).
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