Cosmetic Surgery

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How many people do you know that feel overly confident with their body? No one is completely happy with their appearance. Whether it’s their butt, breasts, nose, weight, or even wrinkles, everyone has something they would like to have fixed. Cosmetic surgery is a completely safe route to take to get the body one would like, and as long as you do research prior to a procedure, it is safe.-+ Many people have only heard negative stories about cosmetic surgery because can be found more interesting. The social stigma of cosmetic surgery should be removed because it is actually a great way for people who are not confident with their body, have been injured, and/or were born with birth defects to change, restore, or enhance their features.
Reconstructive surgery is a medically intended procedure that generally treats birth defects or the side effects from a disease or injury (“Plastic Surgery”). There are many instances that can invoke the need for reconstructive plastic surgery. For example, one can improve their skin from a visible scar, burn, or skin disease. One can also reconstruct any malformed body parts that have been caused by injury, surgery, disease, or a birth defect (“Cosmetic Surgery”). Women who have battled breast cancer that resulted in a mastectomy often get breast implants to make it seem like nothing happened (“Plastic Surgery”). Many parents whose child has ears that protrude will often have them receive a surgery to have them reshaped closer to the skull (Lusted 28). On March 17, 2003 Patrick from southern Illinois got into a motorcycle crash that resulted in his nose, upper lip, and part of his left cheek hanging off of his face. He quickly got to the hospital and received over three thousand stitches ...

... middle of paper ... that by changing ones outside appearance does not mess with the genetics inside of the person, therefore the genes will still be passed down to following generations (“Plastic Surgery”).

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that cosmetic surgery is a safe way for people who are not confident with their body, have been injured, or were born with birth defects to improve their features.
  • Explains that reconstructive plastic surgery is a medically intended procedure that treats birth defects or the side effects from disease or injury.
  • Cites norris cotton cancer center's health encyclopedia on cosmetic surgery and procedures.
  • Opines that plastic surgery: survival of the fairest of all. serendip studio.
  • Opines that trauma on the highway was treated at the facial plastic surgery center at washington university.
  • Explains that aesthetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery in which people with low self-esteem or poor body image can get their bodies changed to complement their desires.

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