Corruption on Ceasar's Castle

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The world contains million and millions of different leaders, but not every person is a true leader. To be a leader a person has to be balanced, brave, open-minded, and many other good characteristics. When a leader receives too much power he feels inferior, like nothing is better than them, as a result they tend to go crazy with power. This brings us to the point that “ power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (lord action 1887), this is seen in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, which was written during the Elizabethan era which was a period of time that is known as the golden age in English history, the play starts out with the rise of Caesar as a ruler with some people denying him as a leader, characters like Brutus, Cassius, Casca, Cinna, Metellus, Decius. Examples like Caesar, and Cassius from the play show the difference between absolute power and power, Absolute power leads to chaos then comes in the power to help out and carry on this can also be seen in history of Germany as Hitler was a dictator that got Germany into problems by absolutely corrupting the state of the country. Caesar, Brutus and Hitler are examples to evoke the quote made by lord action.

Caesar used absolute power as an advantage to get his needs and his wants out of Rome, and his goal was to be the best man of Rome, and staying a leader, which explicitly show that Caesar is making the people no longer have a say in the government. at the begging of Caesars rule his opposition was Pompey. On the other hand Caesar promised any things that appealed for the Romans which lead to his success as a leader, but Brutus sees that Caesar is getting popular among the people, which would mean that Caesar would get absolute power...

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...characteristic that led them to corruption, Caesar was an egocentric which resulted him being to obsessed with power, which he had to be stopped, Cassius was devious and only aiming for his need and wants which led him to be corrupt, as stated this can be seen in real life situations such as dictator ships like the dictator ship in Germany that was led by Hitler and going into a period of genocide, where Hitler killed jews, slavs , pols, handicapped, etc, which proves “ power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (lord action 1887), People who believe that absolute power doesn’t corrupt absolutely are very mislead. Power is evil unless used appropriately.

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