Corruption Of Money In The Visit By Friedrich Durrenmatt

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In The Visit the author Friedrich Durrenmatt revolves around the theme of the corruption of money because it plays an important part in the progression of the story. Friedrich Durrenmatt is using Claire, a powerful billionairess to show how money can affect behavior, moral principles and politics. Claire gives the people of Güllen a big decision to make in exchange for money and the choices they are given leads them to commit murder. Claire is able to manipulate an entire town and play with the law because of her wealth. Durrenmatt shows the toll money takes on society. The author shows that money can change a characters behavior. You see this behavioral change in Claire by the way she dresses and acts as she is above everyone. In the beginning…show more content…
She takes advantage of that power to get around the law. Claire does a lot of things that if an ordinary person made them would be punished under the law. For example, The Gum chewers Toby and Roby were two gangsters who were sentenced to death by electric chair but Claire was able to release them and have them work for her which is not allowed to anybody. Claire also did something very extreme to get her justice which is blind and castrate Koby and Loby for lying to the judge and they could testify the truth ,Claire should have been arrested for doing that but wasn't. Claire's money gets her out of a lot of trouble and is able to create her own form of law. The town also goes against the law especially the authoritarian figures. When Ill goes to the police to demand the arrest of Claire for incitement to murder because it’s exactly what it is but the police defend Claire saying it was just a suggestion and she did nothing wrong because he wants her money. The town also has a public meeting for the ruling of Ills death but they are supposed to take that type of decision to a higher court but they didn't because they know they wouldn't get the money if they didn't do what Claire wants them to do, so they are now a part of Ills

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