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Zack Ly
Benjamin Haneler
Corrosion on Mechanical Properties Introduction
Corrosion can take place on many different materials ranging from metal, being one of the more common materials to corrode, to some ceramics and polymers. Corrosion is typically an electrochemical reaction that takes place with the material being degraded as it reacts with its surrounding environment. When this reaction takes place, the metal gives up electrons which aids in the rust and oxidation formed on the metal. Corrosion usually takes place because most materials are manmade and therefore are unstable and tend to try and revert back to its original state. As an example you can picture a plate of uncoated steel hanging outside. Over a period of time the steel plate will begin to corrode do to its reaction with the oxygen in its surroundings. If you take that same steel plate and add water in the mix, it will corrode at a more aggressive rate then the plane steel because the water allows for more oxygen and iron ion reactions. Now take that same plate and put it in a salt water environment and it will corrode at an even more aggressive rate due to the presence of sodium chloride ions.
All metals are susceptible to corrode, some more likely than others. It is the material make up of the metal which has a large influence over the corrosiveness of any metal. As mentioned previously we know that the properties of the material and its environment influence the corrosiveness of any metal, also combining dissimilar metals may progress corrosion as well. Scientist have created a table known as the Galvanic Series which list metals and there relative activeness in order in a salt water environment. This table ranges from metals like Platinum, being o...

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...d services of gas, water, electricity and communications. The direct cost of corrosion on the different sectors of utilities is $47.9 Billion. The types of corrosions will vary in each segment due to its different applications.
Transportation is another sector that losses a lot of money do to corrosion. This would include aircrafts, vehicles, and trains. The total annual direct loss in this sector is $27.9 billion. We have all seen many rusted cars on the road before. Without proper maintenance, the same effect would happen to nearly everything.
There are many different types of corrosions that affect different metals in different ways. Some of these types of corrosion include general attack, localized, galvanic, flow assisted, intergranular, fretting, and high temperature corrosion. The type of mechanical changes that occur with the different metals will vary.
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