Corrections Programs of North Carolina and Oregon

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Community corrections programs in the United States are founded upon the same principles of promoting public safety and security by housing any individual that has broken the laws established by society. However, while there are several similarities there are also several differences in each individual states correctional programs and philosophies. Consequently, those similarities and differences for the states of North Carolina and Oregon will be individually analyzed and explored. The state of North Carolina advocates its mission to be the protection and safety of its citizens throughout the state by providing viable alternatives and meaningful supervision to offenders placed in their custody. The goal in North Carolina for the Division of Community Corrections is to use practices that have been empirically tested and have been shown to reduce recidivism among offenders. The emphasis is to use evidence based practices to meet the state’s overall goal of “no new crime and no new victims” (North Carolina Division of Community Corrections). It is plain to see that this state’s concentration is to accomplish their mission by reaching an equal balance of control and treatment for offenders that will positively affect their behavior and lifestyle patterns (North Carolina Division of Community Corrections).This mission statement in itself indicates that the state of North Carolina is willing to invest the time, energy, and budget that is needed to rehabilitate the offenders in their correctional system. This mission statement also indicates that this state takes the responsibility as a whole for their correctional system. Therefore, the state’s mission is to rehabilitate its offenders. However, the state of Oregon on the other ha... ... middle of paper ... ...ams they offer are truly different from one another. Consequently, one could not accurately say that one state’s programs are better than the others since it appears that each state offers what their budget allows them to and what seems to work for each individual state. Therefore, while the rehabilitation efforts of the state of North Carolina seem to lower their recidivism rate the state of Oregon’s principle of holding their offender’s accountable for their actions also seem to impact their recidivism rate as well as being an impressive tactic. References North Carolina Division of Community Corrections. Copyright 1995-2010 by North Carolina Department of Correction. Retrieved from Oregon Department of Corrections. Page updated: February 17, 2010. Retrieved from

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