Correctional Social Work with Male Prisoners

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The marginalized population that will be discussed within this research paper will be male prisoners found within the United States correctional facilities. In Prince and Coleman journal article, “Narrative of Neglect: Texas Prisons for Men” (2011), the authors make it obvious that all male individuals found in prisons, regardless of race, are subjected to harsh conditions that include both neglect and abuse, as well as a number of other circumstances. They do this by giving the reader a detailed history of Texas’s state penitentiary system. Prince and Coleman’s article (2011) explores the continuing pattern of neglect and abuse found in these prisons starting with 2011 when the article was published, and going back 183 years to the 1800s. At first in, there was hesitance found within this state to establish a prison system despite it being the duty of every government to establish safety within the community’s they govern by establishing areas for criminals to live and be punished that are away from communities (Price & Coleman, 2011). Texas’s government was apprehensive when beginning to establish these prisons. This is because Texas was and continues to try to be a very conservative land when it comes to money and social programs. The idea of setting up state penitentiaries seemed frivolous. They could just put the prisoners to death, save money, and not have to rely on social programs. Already one can see that 183 years ago there was a pattern of neglect and a lack of dignity towards not only the criminal’s but the communities that must house these criminals (Price & Coleman, 2011). When officials attempted to establish a state penitentiary in Texas, bills were put down, but eventually after many years Huntsville Penitentiary ...

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