Corporations and the Ecosystem

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We live in a fragile environment that is for the most part under our control and we should not abuse that power by letting corporations abuse it. These corporations abuse or ignore the regulations of pollution and have repeatedly gone past the limits. These corporations should not be allowed to devastate the world and ecosystems that people live in but also the numerous animals and plants which have no choice but to cope with what we create. With the current system we live with the future is bleak due to the current consumption of current resources, it could be that in the near future we could be looking for food in every part of the western world. The earth that we are living in is on track to become a big problem for our generation or at least the next generation. With no alternative place to sustain Earth based life we are left with no choice but to take responsibility for the place we rely on for every resource. These resources are a finite about and we need to be able to make the consumption of thee resource sustainable, if we don't then humans will cease to exist.

It is common knowledge that other alternatives besides natural resources can be used to provide power for our hungry planet. The three major sources of energy in the world today are coal, oil, and natural gas. The future holds many opportunities for power sources but the most popular are solar power, nuclear power, cold-fusion, and geothermal power. Solar power is widely appreciated as the cleanest source of energy available today but because of its expensive photocells needed to produce a usable energy source it is thought to be not worth the effort of energy conversion for consumption. Nuclear power on the other hand is widely used today and will continue to be ...

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...type of car you drive, be sure to operate it efficiently, try to carpool to work or ride the bus. Finally, try to follow the environmental policy of "Recycle, reduce, and reuse!"

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