Corporate Training Programs

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The most important issue in corporate training industry is the ability of connecting the results of employee training to the bottom line or the return on investment of the company. Evaluating training programs is nothing but assessing its effectiveness and progress continuously. It is necessary because it lets people know their progress and builds their confidence. This article will tell you how to evaluate training programs using different methods.

With so many training programs available to us, there is a need for some quick methods or tools to determine which program will suit your need in the best way. For the evaluation to be effective, the training must be appropriate for the employees and the company. You need to ask the following questions:

• How many people were involved in training?

• Was there a control group in place?

• Was the objective of the training met and to what extent?

• What was the extent of the performance improvement?

• Was the improvement in performance sustained?

• Are the improvements worth the costs involved in training?

There are many metrics that you can use to authenticate the success of different learning programs and analyze their effectiveness. They can also help assess the technology used in delivering training and the trainer’s ability to meet the requirements of the training. Evaluating training programs has many benefits:

• It provides management with an opportunity to assess the employees’ development.

• It can help in selecting the best training strategies.

• It can also be used for clarifying training expectations of employees.

• It can help quantify the improvements in performance by gathering feedback and analyzing it.

• It helps in determining the extent to which the objec...

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...ecide whether any part of the training program or the entire program needs to be revised or terminated. You can follow these steps for doing summative evaluation:

• Make the trainees perform demonstration lessons and give them comprehensive tests.

• Have other people observe the behavior of trainees and collect information about the trainers as well as the trainees through interviews and questionnaires.

• Answer these questions:

1. Were the training objectives met?

2. Does the program need any improvement or modification?

3. Should the same training program be conducted again?

4. How can you help the trainees to attain further training?

Remember that the evaluating training program is crucial for both the trainee as well as the trainer. Feedback and test results have a direct effect on the employee performance and are the key to further improvement.
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