Corporate Responsibility Issues

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Electronic commerce means the buying or selling of goods and services over the internet and is also knew as e-commerce, also called electronic commerce (Roos, 2008). The concept of e-commerce covers a broad range which includes obtaining information via internet, advertising, ordering products, downloading applications, and music. In addition, e-commerce allows customers to file taxes on-line (Roos, 2008).

According to Nasir (2004) e-commerce is available in approximately 100 countries with over 20 million internet hosts. The global growth of e-commerce has increase unethical behavior and business practices among users and businesses. In light of the unethical behavior and practices, legal and regulatory guidance are needed to address the issues that have arisen with the use of e-commerce. Stead and Gilbert (2001) has identified corporate social responsibility issues concerning e-commerce such as intellectual property rights, on-line consumer protection, cyberspace theft, content governance, and spam (Stead & Gilbert, 2001).

Intellectual Property Rights

Internet trademarks have presented unique challenges along with opportunities for trademark infringement. The purpose of a trademark is to distinguish businesses from the competitors and to protect companies from “copycats” which could blemish the reputation of the original owner. Brick-and-mortar business trademark law allows for multiple businesses with the same name providing that the type of business is different (Maury & Kleiner, 2002).

Internet trademarks are different and registrations for internet trademarks are required in order to identify and assign businesses internet addresses. Businesses that conduct transa...

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