Corporate Governance Analysis

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Corporate governance analysis Governance is a form of investor protection which might be expected to influence how investors behave. In the context of emerging markets where many of the institutions protecting investors in more developed markets may not be fully present, it is important to obtain a better appreciation of how emerging market funds use governance in the investment decisions. Therefore, we choose IOI Group because have good governance that builds our trust towards them. IOI Group maintains a strong leadership through sound governance and ethical business conduct. They believe in achieving responsible commercial success while balancing the interests of their stakeholders, as they fervently uphold sustainability practices in their businesses as well as regulatory laws imposed in the countries where they operate. Corporate culture and Core values of IOI Group The corporate culture and Core Values instilled in each and every employee provide them with a moral compass which essentially drives the Group’s commitment on doing business with integrity to achieve sustainable growth. The IOI Core Values consists of integrity, commitment, loyalty towards organization, the excellence in execution, speed or timeliness in responding to the ever changing business environment, innovativeness and cost efficiency have provide them additional competitive edge. The corporate culture of IOI Group is to always practice teamwork, to provide their customers with products and services that exceed their expectations and be recognised for that, to be the best in everything they do and to be a responsible corporate citizen. They also practices autonomy for the operating functions within prescribed framework underpinned by a timely feedback ... ... middle of paper ... ...lopment programme in Sarawaknamed the Lawas Project. Yayasan is funding the Lawas Project for the curriculum infrastructure development of the ethnic Lumbawang community in Sarawak to realise the short-term vision of raising competent native-speaking teachers and the long-term vision of building a training and research centre for ethnic pre-school training in Sarawak.Earth Hour references: 1.CSR Report : The trail of embracing corporate responsibility, 2009 Retrieved from 2.Journal : Hemingway, C. A., & Maclagan, P. W. (2004). Managers' personal values as drivers of corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 50(1), 33-44. 3. The Official Newsletter of ISSUE NO: 53 JAN – MAR 2012 kdN NO: PQ/PP9740/03/2012(029428) 4. The Official Newsletter of ISSUE NO: 60 OCT – DEC 2013 KDN NO: PP9740/05/2013(033253)

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